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A Holistic Way to Improving Your Health


Test Panels
  • Hormone Tests: Saliva

  • Food Intolerance: Gluten and IgG

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity: Hair

  • Neurotransmitter Testing (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine): Urine

  • Vitamin Deficiency Testing: Off-site Laboratory

  • Ph Testing: Urine





Office Consultation: 1 hour - $99

Follow-Up Consultations: 45 minutes - $75

Skype Consultation: 45 minutes - $75

“I've learned so much while consulting and seeing Dr. Smith, I was considering going to a weight loss clinic, but glad I chose RMI instead.”


  • Physical Evaluation

  • Chemical Diagnostics

  • Test Panels

  • Supplements

  • Recommendations as appropriate

  • Plan for Healthy Outcomes

  • Health Coaching

RMI Health & Wellness can help restore your best health status with a unique focus on your physical, mental and emotional balance. Our practitioners are seeking to identify the underlying cause of your imbalance. Homeopathy and Naturopathy enable the body to heal itself if practiced properly. There are also environmental factors and daily practices which may affect one's health and wellness.


Most clients are unclear about why they are feeling imbalanced. The approaches taken by our wellness professionals encourage natural health management techniques with the use of realistic lifestyle and dietary changes. Nutritional counseling, herbal supplements, and wellness education can provide complementary benefits and relief to a pre-existing medical condition, but should not be used in lieu of medical treatment, whether naturopathic, complementary or traditional western.


RMI's Health & Wellness limited scope naturopathic professionals also follow a number of key principles:


  • The healing power of nature: The body has an inherent ability to maintain and restore health. Naturopathic professionals facilitate this healing process by removing obstacles to cure and identifying treatments to enhance healing.


  • Identify and treat the cause: Naturopathic professionals treat the underlying causes of illness rather than just the symptoms of a disease. Symptoms are an external manifestation of an internal imbalance due to any combination of physical, mental, or emotional causes. Symptom management may be important, but it is more important not to disregard the underlying cause of disease.


  • First, do no harm: A naturopathic treatment plan uses therapies that are gentle, non-invasive, effective, and do not have adverse side effects. A conscious effort is made to use methods that do not suppress symptoms.


  • Doctor as teacher: The Latin root of doctor is docere, which means "to teach." The primary role of naturopathic professionals is educating, empowering, and motivating clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle, and diet. Thomas Edison once said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest patients in the maintenance of the human frame, in diet, and in the prevention of disease." It is more effective to teach than treat clients as well.


  • Treat the whole person: Naturopathic professionals identify specific weaknesses or dysfunctions in their clients and tailor treatment based upon their individual presentation. It is the client that is in need of care, not a pre-existing disease state or symptom. Naturopathic professionals are interested in finding and treating characteristic symptoms that define the client rather than common symptoms that define diseases.


  • Prevention: It is far easier and cheaper to prevent a disease than to treat a disease. Naturopathic professionals evaluate both subjective and objective information necessary to uncover potential susceptibilities to future disease states in their client. They can discuss specific lifestyle strategies or nutritional supplementation as a means for disease prevention.




Available Treatments




Prostate Health

Cardiovascular Care

Hormonal Balancing

Natural Therapies

Services and Counseling

Dr. KM Smith ND, PhD

Care Consultant



“My diet was horrible, I was feeling sluggish and considered taking stimulants, drank more coffee and even took caffeine pills to keep me alert, thanks to Dr. Smith, my energy is high and I look forward to a more healthy lifestyle.”



Matthew J. - Atlanta, Georgia

Insurances Accepted:


*Contact RMI to see if your Flexible Health Spending Account or Health Savings Account will apply to your visit.

*RMI Health & Wellness offers clients health education and counseling. However, clients should always consult with their medical practitioner (MD, NP, PA , DO) if seeking complete allopathic medical treatment. For natural health and wellness alternatives which can enhance your life and longevity, seek the services of RMI Health & Wellness.



Nutritional Counseling


Orthomolecular Nutrition

Natural Test Panels

Natural Health Alternatives

Colin W. - Georgia

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